Make a Donation to the Archives

Donations to the Archives are greatly appreciated. If you wish to donate any item to the Archives, please read the Criteria for New Acquisitions and Archives Collection Development Policy. Please contact the Archives Librarian with any questions and for further information.

Criteria for New Acquisitions

Every potential acquisition of material will be reviewed for inclusion in the Archives based on the following criteria:

  • The material directly addresses the history and/or operations of the Colorado Springs campus of the University of Colorado.
  • The collection will serve the UCCS Archives' primary audience of faculty, staff, and students on the campus.
  • The chronological boundaries of the materials coincide with the presence of the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, that is roughly 1900 to the present. This includes offerings of the Extension programs from the early Discussion Groups through the establishment of the Extension Center in rented spaces. Materials relating to the operation of the present Colorado Springs campus are continuously collected.
  • Materials relating to the Cragmor Sanatorium - previous owners and inhabitants of the campus property - will be considered.
  • The UCCS University Archives will make every effort to work collaboratively with other manuscript collecting repositories. In addition, it will direct potential donors to the most suitable institution, if the collection is not germane to its holdings.
  • The UCCS University Archives will have sole ownership over the materials, even if the copyright resides elsewhere. The Archives will only accept collections that are free from permanent access restrictions imposed by the donor.