UCCS Archives Policies

Access Policy


  1. The UCCS Archives seeks to make its holdings available for research use to the fullest extent. It is recognized that some materials must be temporarily restricted. 
  2. Unprocessed materials are not available to outside researchers, but may be consulted by UCCS faculty, students, and staff members in the course of their research.
  3. All processed collections may be used by outside researchers. (Selected materials may require the consent of the Archives Librarian and/or Kraemer Family Library Dean.)
  4. Records are arranged, described, and stored according to generally accepted archival standards; depending upon demand and potential research value, selected material may be processed in greater or lesser detail.
  5. Permission to study archival material does not include the right to photocopy or publish the contents.
  6. Written permission must be obtained from the UCCS Archives to publish reproductions of documents or substantial quotes from them. Permission is contingent on the researcher agreeing to indemnify the University of Colorado for any loss, damage or expense to third parties arising from such publication. The UCCS Archives makes no representation that it is the owner of any copyright or other literary property in research materials made available for use. The researcher is responsible for determining the nature of any rights and the ownership or interest therein, obtaining permission to publish or use, and determining the nature of any possible liabilities that may result from publication or use.

In giving permission to reproduce archival materials, the UCCS Archives does not surrender its own rights to publish the materials or to grant permission to others to publish them; nor does the Archives assume any responsibility for infringement of copyright.

Guidelines Governing the Use of the Collections

The University Archives of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs is charged with identifying, collecting, organizing and preserving UCCS materials and with facilitating their use for purposes of research and scholarly pursuits.

The UCCS University Archives, according to our statement of purpose, "is to function as the custodian of an authentic record of the Colorado Springs campus of the University of Colorado. It preserves and protects the original materials and records which document the activities, social traditions and administrative functions of the campus in a secure environment. It serves as a primary source of information on UCCS history and development."

All researchers are welcome to use the resources of the UCCS Archives, provided care is taken to ensure the preservation of these resources for future researchers. The UCCS University Archives requests your assistance in fulfilling its objectives of preservation and use. Users assume responsibility for the proper care and treatment of Archives materials.

  1. On the initial visit, all researchers must complete a Research Registration Form and present a valid form of photo identification, e.g., driver's license, passport or student ID.
  2. Coats, hats, handbags, briefcases, or other large cases or bags, and all other personal property not essential to research must be placed in a designated area within the archives.
  3. Notes must be taken with provided soft-lead pencils. Portable computers may also be used as long as they do not disturb other researchers or staff. The use of ink pens, indelible pencils or felt-tip pens is prohibited. Under no circumstances will users write on, mark, or in any other way alter Archive materials.
  4. If users discover mislabeled or misfiled materials they must contact archives personnel with this information. Users are not permitted to change labels or filing locations of materials. Materials must be kept in the original order in which they are found. Notify staff when photocopies are required.
  5. Drinking and eating are forbidden near Archives materials. Food is not permitted in the Archives. Drinks, with a secure lid, may be kept in a designated safe place for pick-up after reviewing materials.
  6. Archives users should not use lotion or hand sanitizer before  handling materials.  Cotton gloves are used for photographic materials.  All other materials must be handled with clean hands to prevent the spread of dirt, oils, and moisture.
  7. If users damage materials, they may be assessed damages, and there is the possibility that they will not be allowed to use the Archives again.
  8. UCCS Archive materials are non-circulating. They may not be checked out or removed from the Archives room.
  9. Archives personnel and/or Library Administration reserve the right to prohibit the copying of materials that are deemed too fragile for the process or for any other reason including, but not limited to, size of material, donor restrictions, privacy matters, known copyright restrictions, etc.
  10. Users assume responsibility for adherence to copyright laws, libel or literary property rights applicable to material use.
  11. UCCS Archives materials may not be copied or published, in full or in part, without the written permission of Archives personnel or appropriate Library Administration.
  12. User's assume responsibility for all costs for photocopying and photo reproductions.
  13. Requests for photocopies or photo reproductions must be submitted to the Archives Librarian.
  14. Personal reproduction tools, including personal cameras, video equipment, or scanning devices must be approved by archives personnel and/or Library Administration to be used.
  15. Those who use UCCS Archives materials in publications or in displays must properly credit the materials.
  16. Children under the age of 16 may use UCCS Archives materials with specific permission.  Please contact the Archives Librarian at least one business day before coming to the UCCS Archives to make an appointment.

Credit Line for Items from the Archives

Each document used within the publication or display should be credited as follows: "Courtesy, UCCS University Archives, Kraemer Family Library, University of Colorado Colorado Springs."

Each photograph used within the publication or display should be credited as follows: "Courtesy, UCCS University Archives, Kraemer Family Library, University of Colorado Colorado Springs , [include name of photographer or artist if known]."